LibOScreenplay: LibreOffice Screenplay Template

Last Updated: 26th December, 2012
Posted: 28th September, 2012 by Dave Zannis

Quick and Easy Movie-Script Formatting for Everyone!

LibOScreenplay is a free Template package for The Document Foundation's “LibreOffice Writer” word processor (part of their "LibreOffice" productivity suite), which provides an environment for screenwriters to create their writers drafts and screenplays.

It's a cross-platform (Windows, Mac & GNU/Linux; if it'll run LibreOffice you can use it!) tool for screenwriters to quickly put their ideas to paper and you can export these to PDF so you can share your tripped-out labour of love ... (“erm, well it's really only a first draft...”)

LibOScreenplay is a tool for film-makers by film-makers. A laptop, LibreOffice and the templates mean and you can fix scenes, reorder dialogue – create whole new pages using a very low-profile system. (Note: Currently LibOScreenplay is a tool for writing screenplays and not shooting scripts)

LibOScreenplay exists to support today's filmakers as well as the screenplays of the next generation of filmmakers and will continue to evolve and grow, to become more powerful and more useful.


A short introductory video will be uploaded soon. It will help you get started with LibreOffce, Downloading and extracting the LibOScreenplay template, installing the font and writing your script.

No further information yet posted.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q: Do I need LibreOffice installed on my computer to use LibOScreenplay?
A: Yes. LibreOffice is 100% Free and Open Source and is an alternative to using Microsoft Office.

Q: How much does LibreOffice cost?
A: Nothing. It is Free and Open Source Software from The Document Foundation.

Q: How much does LibOScreenplay cost?
A: Nothing. It's free; download it and do what you want with it. We do request, however, that you create a link to it if you find it useful.

Q: How cool is that?
A: Very.

In the Next Version...

The next version of the LibOScreenplay Templates Package will include, at least, the below improvement:

Check back soon!

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